KORE Therapy


After several falls from my horse over the years I have suffered from back and neck pain for as long as I can remember. I had been referred to the head injury specialist who referred me to a physiotherapist, who unfortunately did not manage to dispel the pain. I have now had 5 KORE treatments with Helen, not only has the pain disappeared, but the range of movement in my neck has dramatically increased.Mary Jane, Ingham.

Ethan went to see Helen after suffering persistent headaches and telling me he felt ‘fizzing’ (pins and needles) in his hand and feet. Doctors and consultants had conducted various investigations but couldn’t offer either a diagnosis or a solution. After Helen gently treated Ethan his headaches ceased and the ‘fizzing’ sensation stopped. I can’t thank Helen enough, an amazing result!Caroline, Billingborough, mum to Ethan Aged 4

My 10 year old son was struggling with bedwetting and growing pains. Helen used KORE therapy treatments and the improvements were immediate from walking more ‘fluid’ to dry nights. The confidence came as a result and he is achieving amazing results at school due to restful dry nights and growing confidence. We top up the treatments when he requests, when his body lets him know its in need of ‘re-setting’. He’s pleased with the results, this makes us all happy!Anon.

Helen has helped me a great deal with her KORE treatment. I was relying increasingly on my stick, but following Helen’s treatment I am walking much more freely – and I don’t know how but she has even helped me to lose some weight*! Simply the loveliest therapist around who is passionate about helping others.Anne, Scothern.

*I can’t say the treatments are directly responsible for Anne’s weight loss, however, when you feel better it is so much easier to eat much healthier and take better care of yourself, which may be the case here – Helen